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A new twist on word games. This one is worth picking up. Fun story, and a different way to play. You have to think ahead to what the next word you want to make is by using the preview row of letters that fall in like tetris.

Great 4 While-u-wait

Different in a very good way - I dont usually like word games because they require concentration and you feel too punished when u miss something. But this one is EZ to just enjoy because you get rewarded and see your progress and win even if u r only spelling EAT and CAT. And then its even better when u see how to open up a letter u need to spell a long word. U can enjoy this even when u want to relax or are distracted.


everyone needs to get this game!!!111!!!!

Great Game!

If you love word games, scrabble and the like, you will love this game! Warning...so fun its addictive!

Great Game

very cool game, like it a lot so far - addicting word game

fun app

This is a pretty addicting game actually, good job hehe

Great Story

You dont expect a word game to have a good story but Spelltris does. Its also got a great challenge factor that keeps flipping the script on how to play. I recommend it!

Cannot believe its on the dollar menu

Great game. Challenging, fun and addicting. Gives my brain a workout.


This is a great game for getting you to think of words to build. My only complaint is that their are a lot of words that it will not allow you to use that are in the dictonary.

Great game!

Very challenging!

Needs larger vocabulary

This is a great four or five star game, but needs a whole lot more words in the dictionary. Far too many times it will pop up and say "that word is correct, but not in the dictionary...no score given." Now, Im talking about very common every day words, not obscure words seldom ever heard. Just update that, and I bet the game will go up to five stars!

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